Vice President Massage

MESSAGE FROM Vice-President

Welcome to the illustrious University of Somalia (BIU) and thank you for visiting its main website. Barawa international university was founded by Dr Abdiaziz Ali Hussein scholars and is committed to the development of human potential to contribute to the implementation of barawa international university development plans. Barawa international will serve the Somali nation by providing its students with world-class and relevant knowledge, skills, and ethical and moral training necessary for the 22st Century.

It will strive to employ qualified, experienced and talented faculty capable and willing to provide BIU students with the knowledge, insights, tools and techniques they need to realize their full potential and become productive Somali citizens.
For over a decade, BIU has been home to bright educators, aspiring students, and others who have been drawn from all over Somalia. We currently have the largest programs in health science, business administration and computer science in barawa international university and we are striving to achieve national, regional and international recognition. Barawa international university encourages its faculty and students to be responsible intellectuals and to engage their communities in academic research to advance knowledge and seek effective solutions to the sociopolitical and economic issues that currently confront our nation.
We invite qualified faculty and talented Somali students to visit our university campuses and join the growing community of scholars at Barawa university
All the best,
Eng. Hassan Dalmar


Core Values

Integrity- Our decisions will be guided by a deep sense of honesty, truth, equity and justice. Accountability- To practice good governance, BIU promotes accountability, transparency and teamwork

First Health Science Conference.
BIU Convocation 29/1/2019
Barawa international university

University of Somalia (BIU) is dedicated to providing excellent education to the students who have chosen it as their access point to higher education. Beyond enabling young learners to work towards their envisioned careers.