Barawa International University

The academic year 2019/2025 is marked by Barawa International University(BIU’s) quality affordable education and preferred by the community in teaching and research, building academic and professional skills that provide solutions for socioeconomic transformation challenges.

No other university in Somalia is likely to match the breadth and depth of opportunities drawing us to the reputation through particular academic programs offered to our students and faculty in an interdisciplinary learning approach.

We have expanded the frontiers of knowledge through challenging curricula, and hope to enhance skills through practical endeavors for the students and the communities, socially conscious and motivated to make value contributions for greater good of all. Actually making a positive difference and a better world for living in for communities near or far has been more rewarding and important for us in defining the future lives of students and their communities through their core academic interests and university programs.

As one of the newest universities in the country, we have surrounded our students and partners by some of the greatest minds for each generation to benefit from the best teaching, research, project activities and innovation not only for Somalia community but for global relevance supportive to community environment.


We believe that collaborations in research, technological development, institutional building with local and international players or organizations in serving humanity is an obligation that requires commitment, open, transparent, efficient and effective use of resources that are available. With due consideration of equity and inclusion, can provide ideas and programs designed to enhance education experience of diversity including those educationally and financially challenged.

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